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Posted: Rodik On: 24-Feb-2019
<i>Metoprolol</i>. Tapering off. <i>Side</i> <i>effects</i>. Horrible drug! Beta.

Metoprolol. Tapering off. Side effects. Horrible drug! Beta.

I know people react differently to medications and I don't have HCM so there's that to consider as well. But it seems like he's just really having a rough go on it. I guess it's been nearly 2 months now, or right at it.. I take it myself, and have for several years, for bp and it does have it's side effects but I don't hate it. I've looked up the side effects on several occasions but there are two that I never see listed that he's been experiencing. Only when I look it up specifically on a search engine do I come up with a little something.. Has anyone here ever experienced extreme moodiness while on Metoprolol (tartrate)? He gets in these moods where he just feels really uptight and really angry. He's been having a lot more heart flutters and skipped beats. It's really strange and it's just very recently started in the last couple of weeks. Way more than he used to have before being put on it. Sorry, that page does not exist on the Aska Patient site. If you are looking for a drug ratings page, the drug code and name need to be in the URL for the page as displayed in your browser window. Please run a search using the form above to locate the correct link to the drug ratings and reviews page. Or please check one of the categories in the menu above to locate a different page.

<b>METOPROLOL</b> TARTRATE <b>Side</b> <b>Effects</b>, Reviews by Patients.
METOPROLOL TARTRATE Side Effects, Reviews by Patients.

Consumer ratings and reviews for METOPROLOL TARTRATE. Includes 103 patient ratings with average score of 2.5, comments, side effects, dosage, sex, age. Side effects. fatigue. tiredness. heart rate low bradycardia hypotension. lightheadedness. brain fog.

Metoprolol side effects forum
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